Posted by: helpachildtostudy | April 23, 2009

Shweta’s Story

Today I would like to share Shweta’s story as if there is anybody who has had to overcome insurmountable obstacles to achieve then it is her.

Shweta was born into a family of nomadic drum artists and when she was a little girl they used to travel from place to place to perform. At this time Shweta performed along with them, dancing for money. Shweta’s father was an alcoholic and most of their earnings went towards feeding his addiction.

When Shweta began school she went to stay in a hostel for students from backwards and scheduled castes as her family’s lifestyle would not allow her to study otherwise. Her mother died when she was 7 years old and her father remarried.

Shweta’s father often tried to persuade her to give up her studies and return to the drum and dance troupe as he believed they would earn more money if she was to dance for them. Shweta always refused as she was a bright student and was determined to continue her studies. When Shweta was 15 years old her father tried to pressure her into leaving her studies to marry another troupe member, her teachers ensured that Shweta did not return home from the hostel on days off and holidays as they were worried that she would be forced into marriage.

Her younger sister was not so lucky, their father arranged her marriage at the age of 14 and a year later she had suicided due to her husband’s cruelty. Following her sister’s death Shweta suffered from severe depression and was able to complete her studies only with great difficulty, still managing to score 87%. From that point onwards Shweta did not return home until her father died when she was 17, when she was finally able to visit her stepmother and younger brother safely.

Today Shweta is about to begin the third year of her Bachelor of Science degree and is one of the best students in her university. In the last exams she scored 83% and was also awarded first prize for physics. When Shweta completes her degree she then hopes to begin an M.Sc.

There are many other students like Shweta, and as we prepare to begin our interviews for this year’s scholarship intakes I hope that we can reach as many of them as possible.


Shweta with some of the certificates she has been awarded at university.

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