Posted by: helpachildtostudy | May 18, 2009

Meeting Haseena

I just came back on Saturday from 2 weeks down in Karnataka, interviewing the students who have applied for scholarships. During this time I met many talented and amazingly brave young people such as Kavita whose story was featured in the previous post. I’m happy to report that Kavita has now found a sponsor due to the kind heartedness of a gentleman who after reading her story stepped forward to offer help!

During the trip I also managed to meet the student that I sponsor, Haseena. When I joined Help A Child as an employee two months ago I decided that I would also like to help in whatever way I could.

When I met Haseena I did not tell her that I was her sponsor but simply that I was an employee of the organization. Now about to begin the 12th grade, she is a bright and enthusiastic girl and was happy to chat about her experiences and her dreams for the future.

Haseena’s parents are daily wage labourers, their income is so low that they are barely able to afford their family’s daily needs let alone their daughter’s college fees. When her parents were unable to pay Haseena’s fees for the 11th grade some of the village leaders collected money for her. She was able to enroll but once there could not afford to buy books and was worried about what would happen when it was time for her to pay the next fees. This was when she found out about Help A Child and received a sponsorship.

Haseena has now finished the 11th grade with a percentage of 71%. Despite these excellent marks she’s disappointed, she knows that she can do much better. In the beginning she had found it hard to adjust to teaching in the English medium as previously she had studied in an Urdu school. It was also difficult to stay far from her family in a hostel as the college is too distant from her village for her to travel every day.

“I’ll definitely get 85% or above this year,” she had told me with a smile, confident of even greater success. Haseena wants to study further to become a Doctor or a Scientist, and I’m sure that she’ll be able to do it. In an area where many girls and Muslim girls in particular marry young, she’s a wonderful example to other girls her age. Her parents are incredibly proud of her and when I asked her father what he would like her to become in future he said that it was her choice, she knew best what she should become.

The next few weeks will be especially busy as we finalise the list of new students to be sponsored for this year. Following that it’ll be even busier as we try to raise enough funds to support all of them!

I’m looking forward to bringing you many of their stories, as well as some more information about the region. Once again if there is any particular topic you would like some extra information about then please feel free to let me know!


Haseena with her Father

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