Posted by: helpachildtostudy | July 14, 2009

Student updates and some photos!

Last weekend one of Help A Child’s supporters Ruchi Mehta came down to Karnataka with me to take some professional quality photos of our students. The photos have turned out wonderfully and we’re looking forward to being able to use them on our new website which is under development as well as in future publications.

The trip was also an opportunity to catch up with some of the students featured previously on the blog as well as meet some of our old students for the first time.

We caught up with Trupti, Narasimha and Satish who have recently all graduated from their Bachelor of Engineering degrees. Trupti and Narasimha have already been placed in companies (Mahindra Tech and Tata Consultancy) while Satish is still searching for a job. We also met up with one of our previous students Jyoti who graduated from an Engineering degree and is employed by a company in Bangalore. She is currently visiting her parents after the birth of her first daughter who is utterly adorable.

Jyoti’s daughter was not the only baby we met on our trip. While we were visiting Shweta, our B.Sc. student who has featured in a previous blog, we were surprised to see her stepmother holding a baby girl. She explained that the baby had been abandoned by the village water tank and they had decided to adopt her. She is now 8 months old and they have named her Anita after Shweta’s sister who died at the age of 14. It is easy to see how much she is doted upon by them and reminded me that sometimes the poorest families have the most amount of love to give. Conversely it is also a reminder that baby girls continue to be abandoned due to the perceived burden upon the family and not all are as lucky to find such a loving home. (Shweta’s Story)

We also caught up with Kavita, whose situation has now improved greatly from the first time that we met her. She and her sister and brothers have now moved into hostels where they will be able to concentrate on their studies in proper living conditions and receive adequate nutrition. Kavita is excited about finally starting 11th grade and her confidence has increased since the last time I saw her. She is still quiet but is more willing to speak up and chat now, smiling suddenly throughout the conversation.

I wish that the family did not need to be split up into different hostels but I keep reminding myself that it’s for the best. The malnourishment among the children is clear and Kavita has been struggling under the burden of providing for younger brothers and sisters when she is only a child herself. I hope that in future once she has graduated as a teacher she will be able to provide for them properly and the family will be able to live together once again. (Kavita’s Story)

Here are some of the beautiful pictures from the trip for you all to enjoy:

Rajkumar students

Rajkumar in his classroom with the students

Shweta with her family

Shweta with her stepmother, brother and baby Anita

Kavita and sister

Kavita with her sister Vidya

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