Posted by: helpachildtostudy | August 6, 2009

Reaching out to even more students!

I know that the blog has been a bit quiet lately but that’s because there’s currently many exciting things going on that have meant I’m not able to find the time to update. I’ll try to have the next post up within a week but for now here’s the major news.

Last month I traveled to Pune for a meeting with a company called Alfa Laval that was interested in sponsoring some of our students. After making the presentation we began talking about a possible model with which to take the plan ahead. Alfa Laval was interested in sponsoring students within their area of operations and asked whether we would be able to identify students within the Pune area.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Help A Child as we have been wanting to expand our operations for some time now but have needed the necessary funding to be able to do so. With one source of guaranteed funding it is now possible for us to reach out and help students living in Pune slums.

As Help A Child is at the moment a small organization with only a few staff members it is difficult for us to conduct the necessary groundwork to prepare for expansion into new cities. This is how we decided that the ideal solution would be to partner with local NGOs already working on issues of education and youth to identify eligible students.

Help A Child will now be partnering with two NGOs based in Pune, Deepgriha and Akanksha. Both NGO’s currently cater to the needs of young people living within city slums, offering them educational support and life skills training. We are happy to be able to partner with NGOs that are doing such fantastic work, enabling them to give hope to their students of further education after the 10th grade.

Currently Deepgriha and Akanksha are working to identify eligible students, we’re looking forward to conducting interviews once this process has been completed! If you would be interested in sponsoring students within the Pune region or know somebody else who would be then please contact me at We would particularly like to get some companies or colleges on board to support this initiative!

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  1. really happy to come to your blog through twitter..I have been volunteering for an NGO in Delhi/NCR…Udayan Care working on the same check them out..have a link of their site on my blog!!

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