Posted by: helpachildtostudy | June 17, 2010

A very special guest blog by Narasinha Kulkarni

I had recently written to one of our graduates, Narasinha, to ask if he would be happy to write a guest piece for our blog on his experiences with Help A Child, today I’m happy to be able to share his reply with you. Narasinha Kulkarni was sponsored for 6 years by Help A Child, first for his 11th and 12th and then for his Bachelor of Engineering. He graduated from his B.E. degree in 2009 and today is working with TATA Consultancy Services in Bangalore.

“I came to know about Help A Child project when i was in Ist P.U.C (11th Grade in Karnataka) at S.R.A.P.U.Composite College Banahatti-587311. I was given the information about Godavari Sugar Ltd (Help A Child’s major sponsor) and it’s vision to uphold the value of education for poor and meritorious students.

Poverty is a bane to the students who wishes to learn and dreams of achieving their goals. Even i was one among them when I started to dream about my future and securing it. This is how my journey has started with Help A Child Project….

Once I became the member of Help A Child, one person impressed me most (infact all who gets scholarship).. Yes you’re right. It’s Dr Kanavi sir (Help A Child’s Chief Coordinator), whom I think as driving force behind this. I liked the friendly strict nature of him and tried to imbibe some qualities of him. He was very happy when I said him that out of 520 students appeared for TCS interview in our college only 25 got selected and I am one among them. I sincerely thank him for supporting me, mentoring me and being the reason for me to be a part of this valued Project.

The day still I remember when, I was very excited when I got the call from Kanavi sir saying that “Pack your luggeges, Help A Child Project team is giving you an opportunity to attend a International Conferrence in Mumbai. Because of the Help A Child Project I got the Golden opportunity of my student life to attend the International Conference.

This project is helping the poor meritorious students in a way more than any one could ever imagine. I got another opportunity of Translating the feelings, experiences and words of my friends who got the scholarship (who were unable to speak in English) to two foreign delegates, Sandra Keller is one among them, I acted there as an interpreter just before my placement which gave me lots of enthusiasm and courage to get through the interview….

I thank you for coming my home and uploading my snap in main site of Help A Child, it makes me feel proud. I thank you once again for making me to share my experiences and feelings. I thank from the bottom of my heart to this project and promise to be an active member of this to spread this valuable project… ”


Narasinha Kulkarni



  1. A great story and post. It shows how special this charity is, and the people it support are.

    Congrats to everyone and good post Narasinha.

    • Thanks Andrew Emmett

  2. Nice post and I m extremely happy to learn about a noble person like u….
    Keep up the good work…

  3. That was really fabulous, educating on matters that bring awareness is quite laudable, thank you very much

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