Posted by: helpachildtostudy | October 8, 2010

Sponsorship Ceremonies 2010!

It’s been some time since I’ve updated the blog, and I’m happy to report that Help A Child to Study’s main scholarship ceremonies have now all taken place: In Ahmednagar, Bagalkot and Ratnagiri districts, Mumbai and Pune!

It was our second year of awarding scholarships in Pune and it was wonderful to see the students we’d awarded last year again and catch up with their progress. It was our first year awarding scholarships to students from Mumbai with a total of 16 sponsored for this year. While it’s a small scale beginning we’re glad that we’ve made one and are looking forward to increasing this number every year and making a shift from purely rural sponsorships to also supporting deserving students from urban backgrounds.

The students themselves are mainly studying in either Junior College or Diploma of Education, we also have one girl studying in Bachelor of Science and a couple of boys studying for technical Diplomas. The students are incredibly enthusiastic and it was wonderful to sit down with them at Somaiya Vidyavihar along with our Chairperson Amrita Somaiya and discuss their hopes and dreams for the future as well as where they had received their inspiration to study further.

Our largest scholarship ceremony was of course in Bagalkot district where Help A Child originated. Around 400 students attended, both old and new. For some of the students it may be their last scholarship ceremony as they prepare to graduate from their degrees next year, while for some of our 12th standard graduates from this year it was just the next step as they begin their degrees. The students received their cheques and their responsibilities were explained to them, that they should send their results regularly and also their thank you letters .

It was a special day for three of our continuing students as they were facilitated for their achievements within their universities. Ms Jakkavva Mekanamaradi was facilitated for scoring the highest marks in Kannada as part of her B.A. from Karnataka University, Dharward. Ms Bhagyashree Hiremath, who has previously been featured on our blog, was facilitated as the best outgoing student among postgraduate students from Karnataka University Dharwad. Bhagyashree was recovering from typhoid and still a little weak but told me that she was excited about preparing for competitive exams and was hoping to find a post at a university that would allow her to continue her higher studies. Finally Ms Ashwini Pattan, who has now completed her B.Com, was facilitated for her achievements in University Table Tennis.

We now have 511 students sponsored for the year, our highest number ever! With this year’s new sponsorships more than 1000 students have now benefited from Help A Child sponsorship. We would like to thank all of our donors for helping us to reach out to so many students and hope that you will continue to support us in the years to come. We still have 140 students waiting for sponsorship so if you would be interested in supporting one please do visit to check out their profiles!

Sponsorship ceremony

House full as the students from Bagalkot and Belgaum districts wait to receive their sponsorship cheques.


Curious locals peer in to watch the proceedings.


Bhagyahsree is facilitated for her achievements at university.


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