Posted by: helpachildtostudy | November 10, 2010

A look at our students’ parents education levels

Recently I decided to undertake a research project on the education levels of our students’ parents. I was curious how many of our students were first generation learners, how many of their parents had completed 10th or even 12th and what the disparity would be between education levels of fathers and mothers.

Out of a total population of 1168 students the education levels of 959 fathers and 1097 mothers were available. In some cases we do not have records of our students’ parents education levels, this is generally the case where the parent is either deceased or has abandoned the family. Many of our students do come from single parent families, most often headed by their mother.

Of the 1168 students, 271 (23%) were first generation learners where neither parent had any formal education. If we count cases where one parent has no education and the other is either deceased or has left the family (103 cases) then this number rises to 374 (32%) students.

Of the 959 fathers for whom data was available, 310 (32%) had no education. Out of the 1097 mothers this figure rose steeply to 551, or 50% of the total population.

134 fathers (14%) and 129 mothers (12%) had completed some schooling, but left before the 7th grade. 100 fathers (10%) and 155 mothers (14%) had completed the 7th grade before dropping out of studies. 5% of fathers (46) and 4% of mothers (44) had completed 8th or 9th grade before dropping out.

Disparities again appeared at the 10th grade where 226 fathers (24%) had completed this level (included in this figure are 6 who completed 11th then dropped out). In comparison only 162 mothers (15%) had completed the 10th grade. The drop is steeper at the 12th grade and degree level where 140 fathers (15%) had attained this level in comparison to only 56 mothers (5%).

While the sample population of this study is quite small, it does confirm the official statistics of lower female education levels as opposed to male.

I’m very happy to report that this year every eligible female applicant for 11th or 12th standard has been sponsored. We’d like to thank you all for helping us to ensure that in this generation we can reduce the disparity in education levels between males and females and enable these girls to finish their education.


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