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A Help A Child student’s journey in her own words!

We’re very happy to be able to bring you another guest blog, this time from one of our recently graduated students, Shweta Bantanal. Shweta’s father died when she was in the 7th grade and ever since then she and her mother have stayed with her uncle, who found it too difficult to support her studies after 10th grade on his limited income. Shweta was sponsored for four years for her Bachelor of Engineering degree and graduated in mid 2010, she is also featured in our youtube video ( We’re very proud to be able to tell you that Shweta has recently received employment from Larsen & Toubro, now here in her own words, is Shweta’s journey with Help A Child!

Poverty is the schoolmaster of character”.

This schoolmaster showed me the path to “HelpAChild” project by making me to approach our beloved Dr.Vijaykumar Kanavi (Coordinator for HelpAChild Project).

I was sponsored by the HelpAChild Scholarship for 6years starting from 11th and 12th std when I was worried about my education. Obtaining a bachelor degree in B.E. has been a life goal of mine and I am very fortunate to be a student at  HAC project pursuing this dream with your kind financial support.

The day I still remember when Kanavi sir came to my house along with professional videographers. During the conversation I quoted that I did project which is exhibited in state level competition and appreciated by all. On the spot sir decided to move to our college which was 2hour journey from my house to shoot video clip of my project demo. The time when we finished up with the work was around mid-night 3.30am. This shows the hard work of HAC project team, I love to work in this team voluntarily. I felt very happy when this video is published in Help A Child project website.

I was excited to hear that I had been chosen to visit Bombay twice. First time I got opportunity to attend International Conference and 2nd time to motivate donors to help students like me. These two visits made me to realize still many students are there with critical family conditions and I got exposure to many new things. I got many good friends with different background and shared experiences.

I am very lucky that I was provided with lap top for my final year B.E project work which helped me lot to get through the interview. When I personally requested Kanavi sir, he provided me a pen drive also along with lap top. Was I telling about interview? Yes, today I am part of prestigious L&T Integrated Engineering Services, Mysore.

The poor girl from small town of Karnataka ever could imagine this position. Unknowingly my tears started rolling and my hands dialed Kanavi sir mobile number to share that I got cleared all rounds of L&T interview. This scholarship was very helpful to me in continuing my education and in helping me change my life and achieve my dreams. Today I can say “nothing is impossible because impossible itself says I m possible”

With this I am assuring you that I will put sincere effort to spread this project and I hope I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.

My small Gratitude note to the Sponsor (Mr Mihir Jhaveri):

The challenges of getting an education are outweighed by the knowledge that people like you care about me.

Your generous scholarship support is so appreciated. It has helped me greatly by allowing me to concentrate on school-work without having to worry about finances.

It would not be as far along in my education without your help and student loan. It is so important that people like you help needy, talented and meritorious students change our lives and achieve our dreams. Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of so many students in the years to come. Thank you for your support of students at the rural area. Hats off  to  the Help A Child Project and Somaiya group of industries.



  1. I am interested in sponsoring a child who is interested in and good at Maths. If that is possible, please contact me in the email given above.

    Best of luck to Shweta – very encouraging indeed.

  2. Thank you! We can certainly find you someone who is very good at math, I will be emailing you soon.

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