“Help A Child” is a non profit organisation based in Mumbai that grants educational scholarships to meritorious students from poor families. The organisation works mainly in the North of Karnataka as well as parts of Maharashtra and has sponsored more than 560 students since the year it began in 2002.

The blog is intented to give an insider’s view to the work involved and the issues surrounding it which include the right to education, poverty alleviation, gender bias and child marriage.


  1. thumbs up to your team.. doing a great job for a cause..

  2. Keep it up!!

  3. Thanks Aaditya and Vinay, it’s always great to have some positive feedback!

  4. gr88 wrk.!!! thankx for seving such a cause for the society.!!! God Bless.!!!

  5. Great work guys! How can one be a part of this group?

  6. Thanks Prianca and Priyaarshani!

    If you’d like to be more involved then please email me at andrea @ somaiya . com (just remove the spaces) and I’ll be able to send you details back!

  7. Great going,… i am totally inspired.. 🙂

    • Thanks Aparna, please do spread the word about our work 🙂

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